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The Download: how to fight pandemics, and a top scientist turned-advisor

2 Google has launched a new anti-terrorism content tool
Altitude gives smaller platforms the ability to track, detect and remove terror content. (Wired $)
+ Google has a new tool to outsmart authoritarian internet censorship. (MIT Technology Review)

3 Apple’s €14.3 billion tax dispute is back on the agenda  
An EU court decision from 2020 has been called into question, and a new assessment could be on the horizon. (FT $)
+ It’s been ordered to pay $25 million in a hiring discrimination case, too. (The Verge)

4 Video chat site Omegle is no more
After a recent lawsuit found it gave sexual predators free rein online. (Fast Company $)
+ The site had a long, problematic history of sexual abuse issues. (Wired $)

5 Meta is staging a bold return to China
More than a decade after Facebook was blocked from operating there. (WSJ $)
+ The company needs China more than it’s willing to admit. (Rest of World)

6 Labcorp’s workers say they’re burnt out
The healthcare company’s rigid productivity targets are pushing them to the brink. (404 Media)

7 Amazon is officially a fashion flop 🛍️
Its hopes of becoming a bricks and mortar clothing giant have been dashed. (The Information $)
+ The war over fast fashion is heating up. (MIT Technology Review)

8 For adult content creators, OnlyFans is the pathway to mainstream success
The platform dominates the industry, but its stars don’t care. (WP $)
+ Fame in the age of AI looks a little different these days. (Economist $)

9 Meet the disaster microbiologists
Catastrophes can alter the environment, and microbes that affect our health, forever. (Proto.Life)
+ Your microbiome ages as you do—and that’s a problem. (MIT Technology Review)

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