This robot can probably beat you at Jenga—thanks to its understanding of the world

Industrial machines could be trained to be less clumsy if we gave them a sense of touch and a better sense of real world physics. Read more »

Making face recognition less biased doesn’t make it less scary

Three new studies propose ways to make algorithms better at identifying people in different demographic groups. But without regulation, that won’t curb the technology’s potential for abuse. Read more »

We analyzed 16,625 papers to figure out where AI is headed next

Our study of 25 years of artificial-intelligence research suggests the era of deep learning is coming to an end. Read more »

Cloud Data Centers Take No Chances with Security

“The best just got better” concluded Yael Shenhav, vice president of Ethernet adapters and SmartNIC, Mellanox, announcing at NetEvents Global IT Summit in California, the first shipments of the ConnectX-6 Dx –... Read more »

Mellanox ConnectX Ethernet NICs Outperforming Competition

Mellanox Technologies, a supplier of high-performance, end-to-end smart interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems, today announced that laboratory tests by The Tolly Group prove its industry-leading ConnectX 25GE SmartNIC... Read more »

Networking for the DevOps era

The modern enterprise is all about software. Corporate functions that used to be manual and time consuming are now automated, virtualized and consumed by end users, ondemand. We’re talking about nothing less... Read more »

Latest Threat Report Uncovers Targets for Cyber Criminals

NETSCOUT Systems, a provider of service assurance and security, today announced the findings of its Threat Intelligence Report for the first half of 2019. The report underscores how dramatically the cybercriminal business... Read more »

Cyber Criminal Activity Evolve into a Stunningly Efficient Machine

Smart phones, smart homes, and even Apple software are prime targets as botmasters discover and quickly exploit new vulnerabilities, says the latest NETSCOUT Threat Report IoT devices behind firewalls aren’t as safe... Read more »

NSS Labs Announces 2019 NGIPS Group Test Results

NSS Labs, Inc., a global leader and trusted source for independent cybersecurity product testing, announced the results of its 2019 Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) Group Test. Five of the industry’s... Read more »

I think, therefore I aim: The path to artificial intelligence, and its true value for business

The world around us is growing smarter – if we are to believe all the hype about smart kettles, smart houses, smart cities, applications and AI-driven cloud services, says Renewtrak. And yet there... Read more »

Mining the Long-Tail: Renewtrak brings its white label SaaS to vendors

Renewtrak CEO, Nick McMenemy Renewtrak, a Palo Alto-based software-as-a-Service renewals enterprise business has come up with a solution that automates the famously hard nut to crack: the long tail. Historically the long... Read more »

SpyCloud Active Directory Guardian Automates Password Security

New tool monitors for exposed emails, passwords in cybercriminal circles and enforces NIST standards to give enterprises confidence in access controls. SpyCloud, the leader in account takeover prevention, today launched new, automated... Read more »

Apstra, Darktrace, Everactive, Guardicore, NetFoundry, and Odo Security scoop top honours at NetEvents 2019 Innovation Awards

Erin Dunne, Director of Research Services, Vertical Systems Group presenting award to Ethan Tashman, Darktrace The winners of the NetEvents Innovation Awards 2019 – Cloud/Datacenter, IoT & CyberSecurity were announced at the NetEvents Global... Read more »
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