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Is Your Future in SaaS? Yes, Except …

The growth of SaaS—including IaaS—was phenomenal when it came and it has become somewhat pervasive. Today, there are SaaS tools in use at just about every business, large or small. From sales... Read more »

Mining the Long-Tail: Renewtrak brings its white label SaaS to vendors

Renewtrak CEO, Nick McMenemy Renewtrak, a Palo Alto-based software-as-a-Service renewals enterprise business has come up with a solution that automates the famously hard nut to crack: the long tail. Historically the long... Read more »

Is AIaaS The Next Big Thing For Cloud Computing In India?

Artificial Intelligence As a Service (AIaaS) allows enterprises to leverage AI for specific use cases and lower the risk and cost at the same time. This can include a sampling of multiple... Read more »

Trends impacting the APAC cloud computing market

In a market as fast paced and constantly evolving as cloud technology, it’s no surprise that trends can change overnight or that CIOs are kept up all night thinking of ways to... Read more »