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The Download: head transplants, and filtering sounds with AI

An animated video posted this week has a voice-over that sounds like a late-night TV ad, but the pitch is straight out of the far future. The arms of an octopus-like robotic... Read more »

Splashy breakthroughs are exciting, but people with spinal cord injuries need more

What’s exciting to me about this latest study is that the tech gave the participants skills they could use beyond the lab. And because the stimulator is external, it is likely to... Read more »

That viral video showing a head transplant is a fake. But it might be real someday. 

As shocking as the video is, BrainBridge is in some ways overly conventional in its thinking. If you want to keep your brain going, why must it be on a human body?... Read more »

Noise-canceling headphones use AI to let a single voice through

But that complexity is a problem when AI models need to work in real-time in a pair of headphones with limited computing power and battery life. To meet such constraints, the neural... Read more »

The Download: Nick Clegg on electoral misinformation, and AI’s carbon footprint

Quote of the day “The AI revolution starts with Nvidia, and in our view, the AI party is just getting started.” —Analyst Dan Ives, from Wedbush Securities, explains why investors will be... Read more »

AI is an energy hog. This is what it means for climate change.

As AI has become more integrated into our world, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the technology’s rising electricity demand. You may have seen the headlines proclaiming that AI uses as... Read more »

Meta says AI-generated election content is not happening at a “systemic level”

As voters will head to polls this year in more than 50 countries, experts have raised the alarm over AI-generated political disinformation and the prospect that malicious actors will use generative AI... Read more »

The Download: how criminals use AI, and OpenAI’s Chinese data blunder

Artificial intelligence has brought a big boost in productivity—to the criminal underworld. Generative AI provides a new, powerful tool kit that allows malicious actors to work far more efficiently and internationally than... Read more »

OpenAI’s latest blunder shows the challenges facing Chinese AI models

In fact, among the few long Chinese tokens in GPT-4o that aren’t either pornography or gambling nonsense, two are “socialism with Chinese characteristics” and “People’s Republic of China.” The presence of these... Read more »

Five ways criminals are using AI

That’s because AI companies have put in place various safeguards to prevent their models from spewing harmful or dangerous information. Instead of building their own AI models without these safeguards, which is... Read more »