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Pull-Based Kubernetes Deployments Moving to GitLab Free Tier

GitLab will include support for pull-based deployment in the platform’s Free tier in an upcoming release, which will provide users increased flexibility, security, scalability, and automation in cloud-native environments. With pull-based deployment, DevOps teams can use the GitLab agent for Kubernetes to automatically identify and enact application changes.

“DevOps teams at all levels benefit from utilizing GitOps strategies such as pull-based deployment in their cloud-native environments. By offering this feature in GitLab’s Free tier, we can introduce more organizations to the power and utility of this secure and scalable functionality,” says Viktor Nagy, product manager of GitLab’s Configure Group.

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As an open-core company, GitLab is happy to contribute to the GitOps community and enable the adoption of best practices in the industry.

What is pull-based deployment?

Pull-based and push-based deployment are two main approaches to GitOps, an operational framework that takes DevOps best practices used for application development such as version control, collaboration, compliance, and CI/CD tooling, and applies them to infrastructure automation.

GitOps enables operations teams to move as quickly as their application development counterparts by making use of automation and scalability, without sacrificing security.

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