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Networking for the DevOps era

The modern enterprise is all about software. Corporate functions that used to be manual and time consuming are now automated, virtualized and consumed by end users, ondemand. We’re talking about nothing less that a digital revolution, and it’s being powered by developers of cloudnative applications.

The source of these transformational applications is often as not the software-as-a-service (SaaS) development community, using DevOps tools and processes to automate the entire creative process. This allows for a level of agility that lets enterprises react to new business opportunities at lightning speed.

Nobody, however, is saying that the road to this digital revolution is without bumps. This article examines the role of DevOps players that are so central to the enterprise’s successful transformation are facing challenges, not least when it comes to network connectivity.

It’s time to say goodbye to the old way of doing things. No more restrictive legacy solutions with their lack of scalability, absence of agility, poor security and unpredictable overheads.

By Galeal Zino, CEO and founder of NetFoundry

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