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Indian IT projected to lose 14 percent of workforce to automation

It may not have caught a lot of attention when Infosys CEO said that automation helped the Bengaluru-based IT services giant saved 1,100 jobs through the three months ended December 2015. The remark,at an investor conference in March, is however an indication of the gut-wrenching change the Indian IT industry is already seeing. That change is set to accelerate, IT consultancy HFS Research, an IT consultancy, has pointed out by putting a number on job losses from automation worldwide.

In the case of India’s IT and business-process outsourcing industry, some 6.4 lakh positions — the most low-skilled jobs — could vanish in five years, HFS Research has estimated. That is a 28 percent reduction from 2.28 million low-skilled jobs in 2015 to 1.64 million in 2021, according to HFS. SOURCE: