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The Download: heat pumps, and getting drugs to the brain

1 Microsoft briefly usurped Apple as the world’s most valuable companyThe AI boom has investors laughing all the way to the bank. (FT $)+ Microsoft is growing more quickly than its old... Read more »

Capitalizing on machine learning with collaborative, structured enterprise tooling teams

Having centralized enterprise MLOps and engineering teams ask these questions can free up the business to solve customer problems, and to consider how technology can continue to support the evolution of new... Read more »

The Download: how to fight pandemics, and a top scientist turned-advisor

2 Google has launched a new anti-terrorism content toolAltitude gives smaller platforms the ability to track, detect and remove terror content. (Wired $)+ Google has a new tool to outsmart authoritarian internet... Read more »

How scientists are being squeezed to take sides in the conflict between Israel and Palestine

On October 7, Hamas—the organization in command of the Gaza Strip, and which is designated a terrorist group by the US—launched a surprise attack into Israel, during which it killed more than... Read more »

The race to destroy PFAS, the forever chemicals 

There’s good reason for this. Not only are PFAS everywhere around us; they’re also in us. Humans can’t break down PFAS, and our bodies struggle to clear them from our systems. Studies... Read more »

Low-power underwater communication

To make the system more efficient, the researchers used a 70-year-old technology called a Van Atta array, in which symmetric pairs of antennas are connected so that energy is reflected back in... Read more »


In fact, they found, firms that were granted a government contract for facial-recognition technologies produce about 49% more software products in the two years after gaining the contract than before. “We examine... Read more »

A clever shield against photo fakery

The tool, called PhotoGuard, works like a protective shield by altering photos in tiny ways that are invisible to the human eye but prevent them from being manipulated. If someone tries to use... Read more »

Energy-storing concrete

Two electrodes made by soaking this material in a standard electrolyte, separated by a thin space or an insulating layer, form a very powerful supercapacitor, the researchers found. A cube about 3.5... Read more »

Tuning in

In the first episode, released last spring, I interviewed Desirée Plata, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering. We talked about her work on the very hard problem of removing methane from... Read more »