Jaguar Network Selects NETSCOUT for Virtualized DDoS Defense

NETSCOUT Systems, a leading provider of service assurance, security, and business analytics, today announced that Jaguar Network, a global provider of hosting, network, corporate telephony and cloud services, has selected the Arbor vAPS for their first network function virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN/NFV)-based DDoS protection solution.

“We have been successfully using Arbor technologies for many years and look forward to providing high-end protection with competitive pricing inside our multi-cloud offering called JN Cloud Atlas platform. This is directly in line with Jaguar Network’s strategy to make technologies accessible in order to ensure effective use by the entire entrepreneur community,” said Jaguar Networks’ CEO Kevin Polizzi.

There were 7.5 million DDoS attacks in 2017, according to data from Arbor’s Active Threat Level Analysis System (ATLAS) which covers approximately one-third of global internet traffic. According to our 13th annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report, among data center operators, 45 percent saw their internet bandwidth saturated due to DDoS attacks. This, at a time when the consequences are rising.

Reputation/brand damage and operational expense were still the two main business impacts of DDoS attacks, the former cited by 57 percent, an increase from 48 percent last year. There was also a big jump in respondents reporting revenue loss as a business impact, up to 32 percent from just 17 percent previously.

“The Arbor vAPS is designed from the ground up with the enterprise in mind, and has a simple easy-to-use user interface. Once configured, the vAPS can automatically mitigate most DDoS attacks, including volumetric, application-layer attacks those that target firewalls and other stateful devices. vAPS can also automatically block in-bound/out-bound traffic to/from known bad actor infrastructure on the internet, using Arbor’s ATLAS Intelligence Feed (AIF). Finally, vAPS provides a wealth of additional forensic reporting capabilities that managed services customers require,” said Frederic Fleurat, NETSCOUT Arbor regional manager.

NETSCOUT has fully virtualized its Arbor DDoS protection platforms to provide customers like Jaguar Network the flexibility they need to fit any network architecture and protection model. SDN/NFV enables Jaguar Network to deliver managed services more quickly and more cost-effectively.

Customers can subscribe to security services on their portal and have the services provisioned and activated within minutes without any need for physical infrastructure changes within their network. The result is an easy, ‘on-demand’ way for customers to access the DDoS protection they need to mitigate their business risk — delivered more quickly and cost-effectively than was previously possible.

Arbor licensing is based on “capacity pools” that allow Jaguar Network to dynamically enable protection capacity (in the form of vAPS instances) wherever and whenever they want. For example, they could license a 10G pool and offer a 1Gbps managed service to ten different customers, 100x 100Mbps or any mix of supported throughputs. And, licenses can be moved from customer to customer, scaled up or down and even re-used as customers join the service, as their capacity needs change or as they leave the service.

Founded in 2001, Jaguar Network is an IT infrastructure hub & telecom operator which operates its own European backbone with more than 30 points of presence including its Tier IV datacenter in Marseille and Lyon, certified with highest level and agreement to secure sensible data. This allows us to offer cloud computing services, UHD Internet access, secure IP transit, space rental in datacenter and HD corporate telephony.

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